Prosperity Cup KYRGYZSTAN: investments from $10,000 for innovative and digital startups

All startups are welcome to participate!

How useful is this incubator?
Prosperity Cup Kyrgyzstan is a powerful push for innovative and digital startups from all over Kyrgyzstan in a hackathon format that will last ten days and end with pitching of the best startups in front of an investment committee.

During Prosperity Cup Kyrgyzstan, participants will work in teams and with a mentor, will be able to define their value proposition, develop a financial model of their startup, learn how to attract investments for its development, and much more. In less than two weeks, your startup will grow from an idea to receiving real investments together with Prosperity Cup!

Prosperity Cup Kyrgyzstan aims to work with youth and youth innovation and IT startups in Kyrgyzstan. Participants selected by applications will be trained and with the support of trackers will work on improving their business ideas. And the most successful startups will be able to pitch in front of the investment committee and receive from $10,000! The main selection criteria: to have a well-developed idea, a prototype and at least 2 people in the team.

To participate, you must submit an application online at the Prosperity Cup 2023 by September 21, 2023
What do you get out of participating?
  • Working with top mentors
    Participants have the opportunity to meet successful speakers, learn about their experience and knowledge.
  • Training
    During the 2-week program participants are trained by top mentors and trackers
  • Attracting investments
    At the end of the program, winners will receive an investment of $10,000 or more.
  • Networking & Community
    It's also a great opportunity to meet like-minded people, investors, find partners, etc.
Fill out an application and give life to your startup!
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You owe us a desire to learn, we owe you the best business coaches, funding and consulting!
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