Business Accelerator in Kyrgyzstan
The business acceleration program is one of the key activities of Accelerate Prosperity in Kyrgyzstan. Only entrepreneurs who have successfully completed a training course are eligible to receive financing.
Win a $50,000 investment
participants of the program are all residents of Kyrgyzstan who have a dream and want to realize it. The winners of our program won an investment of $50,000

Accelerate Prosperity's Business Acceleration Service prepares an entrepreneur and his/ her business for growth by offering tailored training and advisory and required financing.

The goals of business acceleration are to enable the entrepreneurs to:
  • Develop and/or improve their business model, execution plan and existing processes
  • Present a strong case for potential financing and/or investment
  • Secure patient financing from Accelerate Prosperity or other financial institutions
Business Acceleration consists of two main components
  • Investment Readiness Training and Advisory
    Relevant business training and advisory program that allows an entrepreneur to develop and/or improve their business model and execution plan and present a case for potential financing and/or investments. It also helps the entrepreneurs to document their business and meet all legal and compliance requirements to be able make their business ready for external financing and investment.
  • Financing
    Patient financing, investments and/ or investor linkages to help businesses achieve their growth milestones.
Training and Advisory:
It's a unique approach where a pool of trainers, mentors (successful entrepreneurs), subject-matter experts and business coaches design and lead the entire process. The process is specifically designed for existing businesses which have significant potential for growth and impact.

The training modules include
  • Business Modeling
  • Market Analysis and Marketing
  • Financial Modeling & Company Valuation
  • Information Memorandum Development
  • Pitch Making
Financing Information:
  • Instrument: Patient debt
  • Interest rate: Equivalent to inflation
  • Term: up to 10 years
  • Ticket size: PKR 1 million – PKR 30 million
  • Other Requirements: Mortgage land or building
Who can apply?
  • Existing Businesses with Revenue Streams.
  • Businesses with new, innovative and unique business models offering highly value adding, scalable and technological solutions and demonstrating potential for causing positive economic and social transformation will be preferred.
Eligibility Criteria
- At least one year of experience in the local market.
- At least 350,000 KGS per year of confirmed revenue.
Potential for future growth.
Our managers are always ready to answer your questions. You can call us during the weekends and at night. You can also visit our office for a personal consultation.
Priority Industries:
Light industry, agriculture, tourism, information technology, education, and manufacturing.
Training program
After the initial selection, the projects are invited to undergo the training program. A special person, a tracker, will be assigned to the project, which will help the team to keep focus and monitor progress.
Business value proposition
Business modeling and the social impact of business;
Fundamentals of finance and investment, financial modeling, financial management;
HADI cycles, conducting problem interviews;
Investor Relations.
Product development, customer search, segmentation
Modelling the unit economics of product, scaling business;
Market and competitor analysis;
Product branding and packaging;
Online and offline marketing tools, sales building;
Building an effective team;
Modern management tools.
Right for entrepreneurs, preparation of an investment agreement, institute of the board of directors
Corporate governance;
Legal aspects of an investment transaction;
Presentation and pitching skills.
Presentation to the Investment Committee
Trainers and Speakers
We invite the best trainers to make the training program truly worthy
  • Daniyar Amanaliev
    Co-founder of the ololo coworking network, entrepreneur, startup, consultant, specializing in negotiations, business planning, coaching, hotel management, business development and community building
    Daniyar will teach the participants how to create teams. This is an important topic, because it is the team's effectiveness that determines the success of a business in 32% of cases (according to Bill Gross, founder of the world's first business incubator).
  • Almaz Edilbaev
    Accelerate Prosperity's Investment Lead, mathematician-economist, international investment expert
    Almaz will teach the participants how to create a compelling business plan and attract investors to their business.
  • Myktybek Osmonaliev
    Representative of One Village - One Product, Branding Expert
    Myktybek will teach the participants the basics of branding and explain how to add value to their product/service, how to add uniqueness to brand, and arouse audience sympathy for the company not only in Kyrgyzstan but also abroad.

How to Apply?

Wait for applications in your city. We announce the open calls through our social media, as well as through local awareness raising events.

Fill out the application on the website and wait for the selection results. The application does not require a detailed business plan, but you must have a clear understanding of what you can and want to achieve in your business.
Still have questions? Go to the FAQ section to learn more about the program, or contact us in a convenient way.