What is

Accelerate Prosperity

A model for supporting small and medium-sized businesses at their early stage, which implies intensive project development in the shortest possible time. Investments, infrastructure, expertise and informational support are all provided to business for quick market entry within the acceleration.

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What we do

Acceleration Service

We search for the companies in need of growth and development. Then, we invite the ones that are with the highest potential to scale-up and grow for the acceleration program. It includes in-depth 8-week-long training with hands-on curriculum from the pool of experts. In addition, the project we select for invesments, as part of their acceleration process receive a support of a tracker - the professional business consultant that will acompany the implementation of the business plan with the investements received.

Investment Services

Along with acceleration program, it's core of our activity. We accumulate creative financial solutions for growing business and suggest them along with the investement opportunities available at our program as well.

Commercial Services

Sharing is caring. We feel priviliged to share our expertise, knowledge and experiences we have been accumulating so far in Kyrgyzstan. Among our services you may consider of the following ones to help you in getting the perspective of local markets, the potential for growth as well as launching and phasing out the investment deals: Srtudies, Consultancy, Full accompanionship of the investment projects.

Researches and Studies

We are excited about the emergance of markets in the regions of Kyrgyzstan. And it is part of our priority to keep an eye and track the developemnt process of exisiting, developing and newly opening markets. We have already conducted several researches, you can learn more hereby and several more are upcoming for the nearest future.


More to come. Stay tuned!